Iraq and Syria War

Iraq and Syria War



It is with concern for the people murdered, the injured, the displaced and living in fear, from the recent reports from Iraqi and ongoing events in Syria. The effects of the Iraq and Syrian war are likely to spread beyond their boarders, into the Middle East and beyond: as the humanitarian crises, created by hundreds of thousands of refugees spread across the world. The cost for food, shelter, sanitation and medical care will be enormous.

It seems unlikely that military conflict would resolve the issue. Military intervention has not been successful in the past.  Aggression only leads to escalating aggression, where each side attempts to right the wrongs of the other side, and the other side does the same; in a never ending battle.

The best chance for a solution comes from negotiation and compromise. Where both parties come together to discuss and find some middle ground. Neither side should expect to receive 100% of their desired outcome, but recognise the benefits of living peacefully and the benefits of a functional economy to the lives of all.

Reports suggested that Sunni population have not been represented well in the Iraqi parliament or that the Sunni population’s interests were not being addressed by the seemingly pro-Shiite parliament in Iraqi. This could well have added fuel to the Sunni uprising.

A minority Sunni terrorist group, such as ISIS should also not dictate the lives of the whole Iran and Syrian population. Any outcome should reflect the will of a majority of the people; otherwise there will be major unrest, as we have seen in many countries, such as the Arab Spring.

It is only through communication and negotiation could a lasting outcome be achieved. There will always be uprisings against any dictatorship where the population is unhappy. Even an ISIS dominant rule could itself face an uprising by the people.

Rather than aggressive uprising, ISIS’s goals could be better achieved through communicating to the people and educating them of their vision, so that they could bring the people along with the plans for the future. Many special interest groups have given up their guns and instead created political groups to pursue their aims over a long term plan. Rather than alienating the people and the people resenting and uprising against them, like what happened in Egypt. 

There is room for greater involvement by neighbours to resolve disputes in their region, in this case: such as the Arab League. As Western intervention could create resentment and retaliation against the West.

What is required is fair representation in government and where governments govern fairly for the whole of the population. And for a functioning economy, where prosperity and opportunity for all creates some satisfaction and peace. Thus the opportunity for true stability can occur.



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