About us

 With a background in education, personal development, sociology, project consulting, process improvement, and with many years of community service: 

  • Our aim is to foster debate and discussion towards: good governance; cultural; and social reform: to facilitate improved social outcomes. 
  • Encourage a government built on integrity, morality, innovation and selfless service to the people of our nation. 
  • Culture is largely disregarded by present day government, yet culture is the foundation of any society. 
  • We wish to restore culture to its rightful place of importance in society; and, reinstate culture and human values as central to our education and social institutions. 
  • Encourage sustainable practices to in economics, lifestyle and the environment for long term systems survival. 
  • Establish sustainable and prudential practices in finance and prosperity in government. 
  • We believe it is time to commence building the kind of society that is needed, to create social cohesion and wellbeing for now and the future. 

We encourage you to follow us and contribute to our debate. Together let’s build a better Country for all.


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