Where’s Our Mojo?

Where’s Our Mojo?

Posted 30 April 2012

Multiculturalism has certainly contributed to the richness of our culture; though, with the political correctness of our times: gone is the pride in our country and sense of nationalism that we once held passionately.

Celebrations of being Australian has greatly diminished over the years. Gone are the days where our national airline carrier Qantas and our national telephony company, would regularly promote patriotism in ‘I still call Australia home’ and ‘I’ve been everywhere (across Australia)’ advertisements.

We need our icons, our heroes who help establish our national pride. Legendary sports men and women who we admire and aspire to become. It is unfortunate that funding for elite sports men and women has diminished over recent years. Diminished also, is Australian content on TV. Our highly regarded film industry seems no longer on our radar.

Our music industry has greatly contributed to our sense of national identity. Do you recall the song: ‘I come from a land down under’? It was certainly a cry to invigorate our national pride. The music industry is certainly an important industry that contributes to our identity and an important industry to maintain. Unfortunately, our music industry seems dominated by ‘techno babble’ and overseas bands.

In fact, it is all of the above: our icons, sports stars, the Arts, television, film and music industries; who contribute and help establish our sense of national pride. Those unique people that go beyond compliancy and strive for the pursuit of excellence: that inspire us all – to be confident to do our best. Who motivate us to achieving greatness. Which is necessary, if we are to be successful on the world stage, and for the prosperity of our Country.

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