The futility of War

The futility of War

Posted 30 April 2012

War only creates greater conflict. No resolution is achieved through war. The people who are attacked are bound to have feelings of injustice. War breeds contempt and is justification for counter attack in the mind of the opponents.

Thus conflict only breeds further conflict. Brute force is a barbaric, destructive and costly means. The mentality behind physical violence is reminiscent to the Stone Age and not befitting the modern times. Brutality and massive killing creates very heavy negative karma.

Like the sun in the sky, there is only one divine creator, though many faiths have given him a different name, just as different languages have different name for the sun. The sun is the same. Regardless of the faith, any place of worship is a holy place. Using places of worship for military purposes and attacking places of worship; regardless of which religion, shows disrespect to your divine creator and also creates very heavy negative karma.

Grievances can only be resolved through negotiation. Military advisors have often stated the fact that previous conflicts with terrorist groups have only been resolved through dialogue and negotiation. The wars in Iraq and Afghanistan have raged for some ten years and are still no closer to resolution.

War is a costly effort. Particularly supporting a significantly large military arsenal and personnel. If such a country is affluent enough to have a large army, foreign nations should consider their economic and material aid.

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