Prayer for Peace

Prayer for Peace

Posted 17 April 2012

There is only one supreme, divine Creator of all life. Just as different languages may have different words to describe the only sun in our sky. So do some religions, may have a different word to describe our sole Creator: be it God or Allah (or any other name we may call him). He is the only one and the same being.

Any person, who takes the time to give homage to Him, many times throughout their day; I salute you.

As the creator of life, one of the greatest of karmic sins against our Creator, is the taking of life, which our Creator has given; be it through killing others, or taking one’s own life through suicide.

To believe that the taking of life, through murder, terrorism or suicide, be rewarded in heaven; is clearly a lie. Men, to suit their own ends have created this dogma. I hope that our Muslim friends can understand this.

The Creator Of Life, does not reward those who take life away. This applies to any religion.

Places of sincere worship are holy ground. It is disrespectful to use such places for military purposes. In fact, it is an extreme karmic sin to kill or commit acts of terrorism, violence and war, in any place of sincere worship, of any religion.

Our spiritual purpose in this life, is to learn to be more like our Creator. To grow beyond our egos, our selfishness, our own personal desires.

Clearly, we stand at the crossroads of our future destiny.

Let us act in brotherhood and peace.

To spend such amounts of monies on weaponry and tools of destruction, is a waste. Where such monies could be spent on improving the lives of others.

This is my prayer for peace.

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