Nation building – reducing dependency on oil.

Nation building – reducing dependency on oil.

Posted 9 April 2012

One of the most worthwhile policies of George W Bush Jr, whilst in office, was to reduce dependence on oil. This would reduce our dependencies on the importation of oil, and also help to reduce our current account trade deficient, and increase the prosperity of our country.

Tara Motors, one of India’s largest car companies, has commissioned an Australian company to develop an engine that would run on Liquid Natural Gas (LNG).

Considering our own large reserves of Natural Gas, (which we are selling to overseas countries for as little as 4c per litre).

Likewise, we could benefit by directing some of the $1.4 billion grant provided by our current government to the car industry to develop environmentally friendly vehicles, to facilitate our car makers to also develop LNG fuelled vehicles.

 Diesel passenger cars offer about twice the fuel consumption and about a third of CO2 output, compared to petrol engines.

Consumer incentives, such as cheaper registration, could be offered to increase the uptake of LPG, diesel, LNG and electric cars; if we are serious in wanting to reduce our dependency on oil and green house gases.


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