Government could be run more like a business.

Government could be run more like a business.

Posted 6 April 2012

There are merits in running some government services with business principles in mind, such as accountability and cost control.

    There is limit to the affordability of the public purse.

    Effective operations should also apply to Government and government departments, to facilitate value for money and to ensure such money is spent effectively.

    (NB. The Australian defence department was said to have a billion dollar ‘black hole’ of missing or lost equipment, etc, that is unaccountable. Is this acceptable?)

    Government on it’s own or in conjunction with private partnerships: could be encouraged to participate in profitable ventures, (as in other countries): profits could be used to fund government services or repaying government debt, rather than solely rely on taxes.

(NB. When the Government owned Telstra, it was not allowed to earn a profit, which could have gone towards funding better social services or reducing taxes.)

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