Education – General

Education – General

Posted 6 April 2012

Education occurs in many varied settings: in the home, classroom, media and many social settings.

Good social policy is mindful of the character of the individual, which is developed through participation in social experiences. Likewise it is the character of its individuals which make up society.

Good character building should be central in the aims of a good society. We will benefit from being mindful of the effect on character building in both formal and informal educational settings. Good character building should be an important goal, particularly in our primary and secondary education system, which is an informative period of a person’s development.

Much of children’s delinquent behaviour has been linked to poor communication skills and self esteem; which can make children feel excluded from others.

Inclusion, communication skills and self esteem are important goals for our primary and secondary education system.

Also, education should not just be in pursuit of rational thinking: physical exercise (such as through Pilates, yoga or Tai Chi), creativity, intuition and mind science, can play a complimentary part.

Thus we can truly work towards creating an educational revolution.

For our population, Australia is a highly innovative country and this could well be one of our strengths for achieving prosperity in our future.

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