Education – Character Building

Education – Character Building

Posted 6 April 2012

Most, if not all religions or spiritual philosophies, extol the virtues of developing honesty and morality as character traits.

Whether, as an antidote to avoiding the temptation of the lesser character traits, or as a stepping stone for developing a positive individual, or a peaceful, or positive mind.

There are great benefits in developing honesty, morality and altruism in individuals.

Many social ills have as their basis, poor character traits. Particularly in areas of crime and alcohol fuelled violence.

Many persons are brought up with a media diet of consumerism and violence.

Often media is void of Australian content, which does little to build our national sense of identity, comradeship and pride.

It is worthwhile to review the effects of culture, in the make up of the individual; and to consider ways which character building could be enhanced. This will flow onto increased positive effects for society as a whole.

Recommended reading/websites:

 1. Emotional Intelligence, book by Daniel Goleman

– some of the values of Emotional Intelligence in education include: putting aside distraction, motivating oneself to study, managing impulses so one can focus on learning, able to communicate feelings, resolving conflicts and developing empathy.


Education in Human Values (EHV)

– some attributes of the core values of EHV include:

    Love (relating to the ‘wise inner goodness’, using caring and respectful words).

    Truth (honesty, we are more than our body, feelings or thoughts, developing intuition, self confidence.

    Peace (being a good listener, showing patience and tolerance).

    Right conduct (treating others as we like to be treated, acting with integrity, having respect towards: others, parents, elders, the law and customs and practices of other cultures and faiths).

    Non-violence (refraining from reacting with anger, bitterness, selfishness and wherever possible, transmuting these feelings into peace and love).


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