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  Medicalization is the process where human conditions and problems become defined as medical conditions, and thus are resigned to treatment by the medical profession; often with the use of pharmaceutical substances. Often, alternative and social methods are overlooked. Extended family networks are less prevalent today. Social support networks are often limited. There is a […]

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Drugs destroy society

  Illicit drugs and their use represent a blight and scourge upon society in many ways: Ruins many lives through loss of function, productivity and can be the cause of mental illness in users. There is notably a lack of recent data regarding illicit drug use in Australia. Based on figures outlined by Australian Bureau […]

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Mental Health

  The Gillard government pre-election commitment of $277 million to tackle suicide prevention is a welcome announcement, though only addresses the immediate need for suicide prevention of 12,500 people are at risk annually. It falls far short of the mark of health care needs of a significant proportion of our community. To postpone additional measures […]

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