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Where’s Our Mojo?

   Multiculturalism has certainly contributed to the richness of our culture; though, with the political correctness of our times: gone is the pride in our country and sense of nationalism that we once held passionately. Celebrations of being Australian has greatly diminished over the years. Gone are the days where our national airline carrier Qantas […]

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  Medicalization is the process where human conditions and problems become defined as medical conditions, and thus are resigned to treatment by the medical profession; often with the use of pharmaceutical substances. Often, alternative and social methods are overlooked. Extended family networks are less prevalent today. Social support networks are often limited. There is a […]

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The futility of War

   War only creates greater conflict. No resolution is achieved through war. The people who are attacked are bound to have feelings of injustice. War breeds contempt and is justification for counter attack in the mind of the opponents. Thus conflict only breeds further conflict. Brute force is a barbaric, destructive and costly means. The […]

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Water Policy – Murray-Darling Basin plan

  Water is a precious resource. Water is essential for sustaining life for humans, animals, plants and the environment: for which we are dependant for our own survival. Whilst it is important to maintain the health of our waterways, we also need to be mindful that the Murray-Darling Basin provides 40% of our food. As […]

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Drugs destroy society

  Illicit drugs and their use represent a blight and scourge upon society in many ways: Ruins many lives through loss of function, productivity and can be the cause of mental illness in users. There is notably a lack of recent data regarding illicit drug use in Australia. Based on figures outlined by Australian Bureau […]

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Don’t squander our riches

   Global demand for our resources, particularly to fuel the rapid development of emerging economies such as China and India: has contributed to the largely unprecedented economic prosperity in Australia that has lasted over the last seventeen years. The current highly inflated resource prices are attributed to previous underinvestment in resource infrastructure and lack expansion […]

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Smart Meters Part Two – Privacy and security?

  Regarding the implementation of smart meters, each stakeholder has different goals. Power companies are motivated to increase profits. Governments have targets to reduce greenhouse gases. Consumers wish for reliable and affordable energy supply. There is no doubt that electricity costs are rising and will continue to rise in the future. The electricity network infrastructure […]

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Smart Meters Part One – Are they a smart idea?

  As technology has permeated our lives and in many ways has enhanced our lives and made things much easier; we have also increasingly become dependant on technology. Computer system failures at banks and airport terminals have created chaos in our sophisticated world. The discovery of computer worm virus ‘Stuxnet’, targeting Seimens industrial control systems is […]

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Perfect politics

  The ‘hung’ federal parliament, with no single political party winning an outright majority of seats in the lower house; presents a rare opportunity, not seen in the last seventy years – to invigorate and revolutionise politics in Australia. It is now necessary that policies are clearly communicated and consultation is engaged, in order that […]

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Tri-generation – Smart power for cities

  Remote coal-fired power stations are inefficient and highly polluting means to generate electricity. Only about one third of energy is actually converted into electricity. Coal fired power stations create immense amounts of heat, hence two thirds of the energy is lost in heat. So for every unit of electricity produced, two units of heat […]

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