Good Politics is not Good Government

Good Politics is not Good Government

14 December 2016

There are many instances where politicians and major political parties are more focused on themselves and their own self preservation; than being interested in the well being of their constituents, or engaging good government. In Australia, this is no more clearly seen than in the Federal Liberal Party. With problems with government revenue and a […]

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War or Peace? Tyranny like the dinosaurs are destined for extinction.

16 September 2014

  Imagine a fierce and aggressive wild animal, like a bear, a leopard or an enraged elephant was marauding your neighborhood, killing many innocent people without regard.  It would normal that such a destructive beast would be met with an opposing force, wishing to eradicate the threat to the peace and well being of the […]

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Malaysia Airlines plane crashes in eastern Ukraine

MH17 and the brutality of war.

22 July 2014

  Our hearts go out to the victims; and family and friends, of the Malaysian Airline flight MH17, we are deeply saddened by your loss. The downing of MH17 and the killing of innocent lives represents the ghastliness, shocking, brutal, destructive and abhorrent nature of war. This is not an isolated case. But it certainly […]

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2014 Federal Budget

16 July 2014

  Budget emergency, fiscal deterioration, fiscal blowout is a common ploy used by incoming political parties when newly elected: (particularly by Liberal or right wing parties) to justify or validate their pursuit of conservative, right wing, Liberal agenda to enhance business profitability: by reducing government regulation/supervision of business practices; selling of public utilities or assets; […]

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Iraq and Syria War

18 June 2014

    It is with concern for the people murdered, the injured, the displaced and living in fear, from the recent reports from Iraqi and ongoing events in Syria. The effects of the Iraq and Syrian war are likely to spread beyond their boarders, into the Middle East and beyond: as the humanitarian crises, created […]

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Reform of the UN Security Council is needed.

17 March 2014

   The inability of the United Nations Security Council to act towards significant military acts of aggression by the government of Syria against its own people. A conflict that has continued for over 3 years  and with the grave humanitarian crisis of 100,000 deaths and 2.4 million registered refugees according to UNCHR figures. (1) Along with […]

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Collaboratory Government

16 October 2013

   In many democratic governments, there are often two main political parties. Typically, these parties primary effort is engaged in disparaging each other, in the attempt to be seen as a better alternative; with the hope that their party will gain favour with the people of the nation and be elected into government in the […]

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Double dissolution threat by Tony Abbott

03 September 2013

  Tony Abbott has been in politics for a very long time. If there was a game to politics, he certainly knows how to play it. Evident in his small target strategy by not releasing broad policy details and costing details until very late in the campaign. (Though both major parties have used similar strategies […]

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Education Reform: Forget Gonski look at Finland.

17 April 2013

  Firstly the Gonski Review should be congratulated for adopting a needs based approach to education, to enhance disadvantaged students’ ability in achieving a fundamentally sound and equitable education. The Gonski Review largely focuses on education funding, and stops there; it is  not the answer to fixing our education system, and nor should it be […]

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NBN Mark II – New Energy Network

13 May 2012

  The cost of energy is in many cases a significant burden to business (and many households). Unlike his predecessor Peter Costello, who does have an economics background and has often advocated for Australian businesses: that high fuel prices were an increased burden for businesses. Little has been said by the current Treasurer Wayne Swan […]

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