Reform of the UN Security Council is needed.

17 March 2014

   The inability of the United Nations Security Council to act towards significant military acts of aggression by the government of Syria against its own people. A conflict that has continued for over 3 years  and with the grave humanitarian crisis of 100,000 deaths and 2.4 million registered refugees according to UNCHR figures. (1) Along with […]

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Collaboratory Government

16 October 2013

   In many democratic governments, there are often two main political parties. Typically, these parties primary effort is engaged in disparaging each other, in the attempt to be seen as a better alternative; with the hope that their party will gain favour with the people of the nation and be elected into government in the […]

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Double dissolution threat by Tony Abbott

03 September 2013

  Tony Abbott has been in politics for a very long time. If there was a game to politics, he certainly knows how to play it. Evident in his small target strategy by not releasing broad policy details and costing details until very late in the campaign. (Though both major parties have used similar strategies […]

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Education Reform: Forget Gonski look at Finland.

17 April 2013

  Firstly the Gonski Review should be congratulated for adopting a needs based approach to education, to enhance disadvantaged students’ ability in achieving a fundamentally sound and equitable education. The Gonski Review largely focuses on education funding, and stops there; it is  not the answer to fixing our education system, and nor should it be […]

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NBN Mark II – New Energy Network

13 May 2012

  The cost of energy is in many cases a significant burden to business (and many households). Unlike his predecessor Peter Costello, who does have an economics background and has often advocated for Australian businesses: that high fuel prices were an increased burden for businesses. Little has been said by the current Treasurer Wayne Swan […]

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12 May 2012

  Population growth over the past sixty years has grown at an extraordinary rate, never seen before in our history. In the past 60 years, world population has increased by a staggering 280 per cent. From 2.5 billion people in 1950; world population has increased by an additional 4.5 billion people, to its current figure […]

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London riots

12 May 2012

  The riots in England are both shocking and concerning in their scale and duration. Particularly as England is democratic and developed nation. The unrest highlights the multiple areas of social dysfunction; which is evident in English and other modern societies of today. Culture: Youth today are brought up in a culture that glorifies violence, […]

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Carbon Tax – part 2 and Energy Security

11 May 2012

  Carbon Tax policy of the federal government lacks cohesive policy detail and vision to enable a clean energy future. The $23 tonne carbon tax is predominately aimed at providing compensation to the majority of Australians rather than establishing a clear pathway to a healthier economy and environment. The carbon tax primarily targets the 500 […]

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Prosperity in Government

07 May 2012

  The prosperity of government determines the extent that governments can deliver services to people in the community. What is most evident in corrupt governments/dictatorships – where monies are syphoned to enrich the wealth of ruling party, much to the detriment of the welfare and wellbeing of the people of the nation, who are often […]

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The benefits of privatisation of essential services are questionable

05 May 2012

  Private enterprise is primarily concerned with maximising profits, to increase the returns to shareholders; which makes the shares more attractive and increases the share price. This increases the value of the company concerned. The bonuses and remuneration paid to the company’s CEO and other executives are often based upon the profits and company’s share […]

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